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Workshops in Turkey are available
Workshops in Turkey

Discover a process that helps us move beyond the ‘noise’ and distraction that holds us back in life. Come and explore how natural sound and vision can reconnect us to our true self at our workshops.  When we work with sound and meditative visualisation we can begin to hear our own innate wisdom. Moreover, we see clearly where we wish to go in life, feel inspired, decisive and motivated! We are free to develop our talents. Go and relate to ourselves, also our family, friends and colleagues without judgement or fear.

Through sound and visualisation we can let go of beliefs, perspectives and ways of seeing and speaking. These may also be preventing us from realising our own excellence. In their place we can create new and powerful vibrations and visions. These will vastly improve our effectiveness in both our work and personal lives. Moreover, through sound and meditative visualisation we have the tools to heal the past and transform our intentions into reality. To facilitate this exciting journey, we draw on knowledge of the Ancient Healing Sounds and Colours. These come from Chinese Medicine and the Indian Chakra system. For more information about the workshops please call Sue or leave a message via the Contact us page.

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